Christmas Bags 2017

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What a great close to 2017! This past December, Kanakuk President, Joe White, made his annual trip to Haiti along with a team of about 23 Kanakuk Kampers and staff. They brought with them 4,600 bags filled with lollipops, small toys, utensils, tooth brushes, and much more to be given as presents to some of the poorest children in the island nation of Haiti.

The children will never forget the joy and excitement of receiving these gifts that we brought them! Giving the bags is an amazing opportunity to bless these children, but even greater is the opportunity we have to share the Gospel with them while we are there.

Thank you to all those who invested time and money to pack the Christmas bags and even come with us to serve these amazing children. We hope you enjoy this video that gives just a glimpse into Joe's trip with Kanakuk Haiti and gratefulness of the children we met. Please continue to keep these children in your prayers, and stay tuned for when we begin preparing and taking donations for Christmas bags in 2018!