In a beleaguered and chaotic third world nation such as Haiti where the average family income has been reported to be approximately $11 a week in the communities in which these schools are located, the only eternal hope is to love Jesus Christ as Lord and savior. The only hope this side of Heaven is to keep the kids alive nutritionally while giving them a solid Christian education so that they can gain employment and rise above the chains of poverty. Pastor Edmond believes that the only hope for Haiti is to educate Haiti’s children. This ministry is the best example of the well-known principle, “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and feed him for a lifetime.” If there is hope for our most destitute next door neighbor in the Western Hemisphere, this ministry of evangelism, discipleship, feeding, and educating children is the best way to get the job done.


In recent years, Divine Shelters Schools’ goal has been to achieve a 92% passing rate of the 4,200 students who will be enrolled in the 13 schools that they operate in multiple communities, including the assurance that 96% of the sixth graders advance to the next school year (being seventh grade) and achieve an overall school attendance of 90%.

Every school day in the 2019-2021 school years, 4,200 students were served a free, prepared lunch at all 13 schools. We are planning to serve the same amount in 2022.

Food was also made available to these students during the school closure time due to the pandemic.


Approximately 20+ kids live in the orphanage that we sponsor in Haiti, and we send Christmas gifts annually to them. Christmas 2018, we sent each orphan a Bible written in Creole and a new pair of tennis shoes – in the right size! Many other various items for the orphanage were sent including playground equipment, games, books, movies, bedding, dolls, hygiene items, etc.