Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline for shipping my box?

Your box with the UPS label must be in the mail by November 1st.

When will I receive the shipping supplies?

They will be mailed beginning September 15.

What shipping supplies will I receive?

You will receive the number gallon zip-lock bags you committed to pack, 1 shipping carton for every 25 bags, and a prepaid UPS shipping label.

How do I ship my box?

Affix the prepaid UPS shipping label to the top of your box. Call your local UPS store for a pick up, or simply drop it off at the store.

Can I pack less than 25 bags?

We ask that you pack at least 25 bags because 25 bags fit snugly in one shipping box. This will ensure that we maximize the shipping space and our shipping costs since they are based on a pre-determined weight.

Can I pack more than 25 bags?

Yes! You can pack as many as you would like in multiples of 25. This will ensure that we maximize the use of the shipping carton for space and for shipping costs.

If I commit, am I responsible for purchasing the items that go in each bag?


How much can I expect to spend in order to fill one Christmas bag?

Shopping at dollar stores and buying in bulk will help keep the cost down. It is estimated that you can fill one bag for about $10.

Can I add extra items to the bags I pack such as notes, coloring books, or stuffed animals?

Yes, it is OK to add one extra trinket to the Zip-lock bag. We just ask that the item fit easily inside a gallon sized zip-lock bag and that they entire bag weighs 2lbs or less.

For packing purposes, can I take items out of their original box?

Yes. It may be helpful to take the toothpaste out of the box to help conserve space. Please put the soap in another plastic bag to avoid it ruining the candy.

Where can I give online for the Haiti Christmas project?

Go to DonateLinq. Enter our general Kanakuk Ministries donation page through Give Now. Click on Kanakuk Haiti under Categories and Funds and then the subcategory Haiti Christmas Bags to make your donation.

Do I mail my bags to Kanakuk?

Yes. Please mail packaged bags to 1353 Lake Shore Drive, Branson, MO, 65616 Attention: Haiti